Update Week 3

2018 Deep Blue Robotics Recap – Week 3


Deep Blue’s main focus during week 3 was to finish prototypes and finalize the idea to be chosen. Each subsystem continued their prototype building and testing and decided which idea to go with to further build and create. The chosen ideas will get further edits and testing to find what works best for the game. Once a design has been agreed upon our control team will create a computer-aided design (CAD) then the part will be fabricated and put on the final design of the robot.

Drive Train

Last week drivetrain was ahead of the game compared to the other groups and they had already created CAD of their design. This week the man focus was to bring the design to life and assemble it. So far they have cut pieces, created rivets, broached them, and cleaned the parts. Assembly is done!


Lift was made a good progress this week and has decided on their their design. They decided to use a cascading elevator lift and has began to build the prototype. The team is continually moving forward and should have CAD soon.


Climber has accomplished a lot this week! They have had their first design review and decided on their winch design. The group has also created preliminary CAD and created gearboxes. Currently, they are assembling a planetary gearbox. Prototyping is still continuing as they find the best way for the climber to work for our strategy and the game.


The intake/eject’s focus this week was to decide on their prototype design. After thorough testing, the group has decided on a claw and rollers intake and continues to prototype it. Currently, they are testing using pistons vs. strings for giving the arms mobility to expand and grab the box, but still have tension.


Bumpers are furthest along and are being fabricated. Currently, they have the wooden backings, brackets, and shims being fabricated. Pool noodles and fabric have been laid out just need to be assembled.