Weeks 4 & 5 Update

2018 Deep Blue Robotics Recap – Week 4 & 5 Drive Train Last week drivetrain got both the practice and competition bot drivetrains welded. They also made gearboxes and chains for it. This week drivetrain finished putting together gearboxes and chains. Both practice and competition drivetrains have been finished! All that needs to be added […]

Update Week 3

2018 Deep Blue Robotics Recap – Week 3 Prototyping Deep Blue’s main focus during week 3 was to finish prototypes and finalize the idea to be chosen. Each subsystem continued their prototype building and testing and decided which idea to go with to further build and create. The chosen ideas will get further edits and […]

Update Week 1

2018 Deep Blue Robotics Recap – Week 1 This Year’s Game: Game Basics: Alliances of three robots each compete to take control of two switches and a scale using “power cubes” (milk crates). Our alliance is to place the power cubes on the switches and scale so that they tilt in our favor. For every […]

Update 1-28 >> 1-31-17

Deep Blue Robotics Update: Saturday, January 28th – Tuesday, January 31st Prototyping: Intake: The Intake team has been working hard to test their prototype. They measured to determine how far the robot should be from a wall in order to pick up balls from a hopper suspended on that wall. After testing, the team considered […]

Update 1-27-17

Deep Blue Robotics Update: Friday, January 27 Prototyping: Intake: The intake team had its first detailed design review today, meaning they will soon have a full CAD design! A few minor problems were brought up that need to be fixed both in real life and in CAD. Go team!. Shooter: The shooter team refined their […]

Update 1-26-17

Deep Blue Robotics Update: Thursday, January 26   Prototyping:   Intake: The Intake system just passed through its preliminary design review! Progress can now be made toward making a full design for the system. The next challenge to overcome is to reinforce the prototype so it can be tested in more rigorous circumstances. Fabrication: Electronics: […]

Update 1-25-17

Deep Blue Robotics Update: Wednesday, January 25 Prototyping:     Intake: A busy day for the intake prototyping engineers, the team tested the full system and made measurements on the speed of rotation for their axle. Ethan and Ben spent the day making belts using rubber and a blowtorch. Fabrication: Electronics: The Electronics team continues […]

Update 1-24-17

Deep Blue Robotics Update: Tuesday, January 24 Prototyping:   Shooter: The shooter team made final adjustments on their mechanism and continued testing their new prototype. Soon, we’ll have a full design for the mechanism. Keep up the great work!   Intake: With a new, custom 3D printed part, the intake system prototype is just about […]

Update 1-21 >> 1-23-17

Deep Blue Robotics Update: Saturday, January 21 – Monday, January 23   Prototyping:   Shooter: In the last three days, the shooter prototype team ran tests on their mechanism, testing various hood angles, wheel speeds, etc. Intake: The intake team used a custom 3d-printed spiral-shaped piece to take fuel balls from the bumper area of […]

Update 1-20-17

Deep Blue Robotics Update: Friday, January 20   Prototyping:   Shooter: The shooter team added a guiding rail to their prototype so that it is no longer necessary for a person to hand-feed fuel balls; thus the balls can be fed more than one at a time and allow for rapid fire. In addition, the […]